Your alternative to a great white shirt

Your alternative to a great white shirt

Now you all know how much I rave about a great white shirt. I adore it – I even designed one It’s sexy, stylish, understated and so versatile. I have at least 10 which I wear endlessly with suits, jeans, leather, under a little black dress, with a statement skirt – you name it – it works. However, I do appreciate that sometimes a white shirt (particularly with black) can feel too corporate at times. So, my new alternative… 

a gorgeous oxford blue shirt. Why it works?

It gives a corporate suit a slightly less business look;
It’s great for dressing down a pair of leather trousers or a sequin skirt;
It looks effortless and cool with bolder 7/8th trousers;
It is a fresh alternative (and more practical to wear) particularly with white or denim.

Check out a few of my favourites for inspiration – and YES I have brought at least two!

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