Wrap up in style this Autumn/Winter…

Wrap up in style this Autumn/Winter…

Many of us have a particular weakness when it comes to shopping. Apparently the top 3 are bags, shoes, and jeans. For me – it’s my love of coats. I own quite a few – ok I own a lot! Many were bought years ago and yet I still adore them today. For me, a great coat can instantly change an outfit. Wear the simplest outfit, throw on a great coat and you are transformed. Whether you opt for a bold colour (why the hell not?) a statement print (tartan is a personal favourite of mine); a luxurious texture (hello – faux fur) or settle for a classic, effortless style – you are in for a treat with this post. I have checked out the best and am delighted to share my personal favourites with you. Enjoy!

The Statement Check

The Boyish Crombie

The Bright & Bold

The Chic & Impractical (for those without pets, small children, red wine…)

The Fabulous Faux Fur

The Practical Parka

The need for long walks, fresh air, getting out amongst nature has never been more important this year, so why not add a fabulous coat to whatever you wear and see how it makes you feel.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.