Would You Buy It If It Was Full Price?

Would You Buy It If It Was Full Price?

Ah, sale shopping, that time of year when we lose ourselves in the joy of a discount. We all love a bargain don’t we? We see that “70% off” tag and convince ourselves we love the piece and will wear it endlessly. In reality – that bright green & yellow stripe jacket has been heavily reduced for a reason!

I am keen to find great pieces for my clients all year round so I do invest some time in shopping the sales. However, I’m extremely fussy and my clients know whatever I choose for them will be good quality, fit them beautifully and will work with their existing wardrobe.

So, before you lose your head, and your well-earned cash, some advice to ensure you pick up a ‘true’ bargain together with a few sale pieces I love. Enjoy browsing and remember – if you don’t love it – don’t buy it.

Broaden your range of brands

Open your eyes to more expensive brands that are typically out of your price range and pick quality pieces from there. This approach means you’re less likely to buy more than you need, as you’ll be opting for quality items that will last.

Build on a versatile wardrobe

Make sure you consider your existing wardrobe. What can you wear this new piece with? If you can’t come up with a handful of ways to wear it, ask yourself if it's actually a worthwhile purchase or just an attractive price tag.

Buy now, wear later

Think ahead to occasions you have coming up during the year: a special birthday, a christening, or wedding. These are times when we often panic buy and never wear the piece again. Keep these events in mind when you shop the sales - you will often find the perfect piece without the last minute stress and at a fraction of the price.

Advice over, here is a small selection of sale items I love, enjoy finding yours.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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