Winter coats – so much choice, so little time!

Winter coats – so much choice, so little time!

Whilst the fashion pack have moved onto Spring/Summer ’18 can we just take a moment to embrace the joy of dressing for Autumn/Winter – in particular finding the perfect coat. I confess I have a bit of a thing about coats - I own 15! This may seem like a lot (who am I kidding? – it is a lot) but in my defence, they are all different in terms of style, colour and price and many hold great memories (my honeymoon coat); (my 30th birthday coat); (my – I walked passed All Saints and couldn’t resist it coat!).

Despite all being different – they share one common thread – they are useless at keeping me warm! So this year (just as I am attempting to downsize my handbag) I am also attempting to add a warm coat to my wardrobe.

If, like me, you are about to buy a new coat – you have picked the perfect time. This season there are so many styles to choose from: full length classic, tweed, faux fur, and oversized masculine versions (my personal favourite). I hope the selection below inspires you to make the perfect choice for your individual style. Whatever your choice, remember, your coat should fit you beautifully, feel luxurious and add a cool, effortless twist to your wardrobe – if it doesn’t, it has no place being there!

“The Chic Classic”  

“The Textured Tweed”

“The Perfect Parka” 

“Effortlessly Oversized”

“Fabulous Faux Fur”

“Dare to wear Red”

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.