What’s in store next week…Maggie Loves

What’s in store next week…Maggie Loves

I am so thrilled that many of you will be joining me at Jigsaw Kingston next Thursday – here are the details in case you missed last week’s post (why? why would you do that?)! It will be a joy to see you. And for those who are not local to Surrey and would like an event in a Jigsaw London store click here and we will make it happen.

I popped into the Kingston boutique store yesterday to look through their current collection and to see future designs coming through. I was filled with excitement. You are in for such a treat. The quality and designs are exceptional. I truly believe Jigsaw will be a brand who saves the high-street. Their clothing is so beautifully crafted and I love how their classic pieces have been given a cool, modern and edgy twist. Music to my ears. Here is just a taste of what I loved but honestly you are in for such a treat : beautiful velvet, luxurious leather, and fabulous knitwear.

I cannot wait to showcase their collection, answer any style issues you may have, shop with you and raise a glass to Jigsaw – a truly impressive brand that “Maggie Loves”

The Jumper


The Trench…

The Boots

The Jewellery

See you next week

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.