What You Can Expect from Maggie Killick Style this Autumn/Winter?

What You Can Expect from Maggie Killick Style this Autumn/Winter?

As the Style Post takes a summer break, I just wanted to wish you a fabulous August.Whatever your holiday plans I hope you get a chance to rest, relax and enjoy.I will be back with a bang on 6th September with a bigger, better version of the Style Post and will be thrilled to share it with you.Many ideas and requests for the Style Post came from you, my fabulous readers, so thank you for your continual loyalty and support.Please do continue to spread the word and share the Style Post amongst friends, family and colleagues.

Here’s what you can expect from Maggie Killick Style this Autumn/Winter.

The Autumn/Winter Style Trends

The Trend Report will be out on 6th September: don’t shop without it, or me for that matter!I’ll be letting you know the trends and looks you can expect for the season but as always edited to ensure it focuses on effortless style rather than high fashion.The purpose is not to make you buy huge amounts of clothing - it’s about helping you choose wisely for the season and invest in versatile, beautiful pieces that you adore wearing – always.

“Maggie Loves” Events

There will be new Maggie Loves events where we can all get together and enjoy style chat and shopping in beautiful stores and, for those of you asking, YES we will be back atAmanda Wakeley. to view her stunning new Autumn/Winter collection.

Maggie Introduces…

I’ll be continuing to highlight fabulous women in the world of wellness, fitness, beauty and health and getting them to share their expertise.These are all areas you are keen to hear more about and rightly so: they make a huge difference to how we look and feel about ourselves.

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Much Love, and thank you for being part of Maggie Killick Style

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.