What do you look for in a winter coat…

What do you look for in a winter coat…

When investing in a great coat we generally think of practicality, versatility, warmth and coziness. I absolutely get it – you need it to suit your lifestyle; your wardrobe; and it needs to keep the chill out. However, what about those coats that don’t tick any of those boxes? Those coats that make a statement but may be less practical in terms of colour; or embellished with sequins/florals; or are a bold ‘in your face’ pattern? I say, bring them on…

Whilst Maggie Killick Style is all about simple style, it’s also about indulging in pieces that will add individuality and quirkiness. Enter stage left – the following statement coats. All of these coats will look beautiful for an evening event but in my opinion look even better dressed down with denim and flats.

‘Fabulous Fancy’ Florals

‘Bold Beautiful’ Checks

‘Out there’ Animal Print

‘Pretty Impractical’ Pastels

You may need to ditch the children, red wine and public transport but – hey – look how beautiful they are!

So next time you’re looking for a coat step away from the black crombie; the kahki parka, and the beige trench (you’ll have them already I’m sure) and see what a statement coat can do for your autumn/winter look. The great news is these coats are often the ones you’ll see heavily reduced at sale times because people fail to see the versatility in them. The good news is – you won’t be one of them – Enjoy!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.