what a “maggie loves jigsaw” event taught me….

what a “maggie loves jigsaw” event taught me….

Last Thursday I had the joy of hosting a “Maggie Loves” event at my local Jigsaw boutique in Kingston. We had the best evening and it reminded me of 3 things…

Great women create great energy

Many guests had never met before, yet the support given to each other whilst trying on clothes was fabulous. There were lots of suggestions and honest feedback by everyone, not to mention genuine encouragement “Oh my god you look amazing” being the most popular, which is completely understandable when you check out Jigsaw’s collection.

Stepping out of your comfort zone brings fabulous results

I gave a brief style talk using a rail of clothing to illustrate the versatility of Jigsaw’s autumn/winter collection. Many women thought they didn’t have “the figure” to carry off certain pieces. That is, until they tried them. A lesson for everyone – never rely on “hanger appeal” – try things on and prepare to be amazed.

Buy quality pieces that last - you’ll never regret it

There were a few guests who fell in love with ‘high-end’ pieces but were unable to invest in them immediately. My suggestion to them and to you is to start your wish list and save up, rather than buying poor quality, less stylish alternatives. When you do purchase your pieces, you will treasure them all the more and wear them endlessly.

With this in mind, here is a selection of pieces, unavailable on the night or coming soon, that I have immediately added to my wish list – and I’ve selected certain guests to add them to theirs! Oh and to those of you who have requested a Maggie Loves Jigsaw London Event – watch this space – we will make it happen.

The chic, transformative poncho

So effortless and chic. Also, so cleverly designed for flexible styling. The central split allows you to wrap the front panels over the shoulder like a scarf or leave to hang loose to create a modern tabard style. Sarah – this one is especially for you!

The Perfect ankle boot

Not too high, block heel, extra underfoot padding and the perfect toe shape – what’s not to love? When it comes to ankle boots, you don’t need lots of pairs in your wardrobe – you just need the right pair. To all those women who fell in love with the Tyne jean on the night – these boots are made for them. That includes you Karen!

The designer-inspired coat

This stunning Italian wool coat is one you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. The large shapely collar looks incredible and the raw-edge detailing give it the cool, designer-feel. It’s coming soon (in rich camel too) and I, for one, can’t wait.

The tailored pinstripe of dreams

Waistcoats have been my go-to since my 20s. I love them with nothing underneath, with a roll neck or t-shirt. It comes with matching jacket and trousers but if you feel this is too much simply wear with jeans and trainers, or a leather skirt and boots. Oh, and it has a back waist buckle to ensure you get the perfect fit for your shape – the devil is in the detail ladies. Wendy this has your name on (just saying!).

The iconic wardrobe staple

This ‘classic with a twist blazer’ is cut to perfection. It will lift any outfit – no matter how simple. Beautiful paired with stripes, a white t-shirt or a roll neck. Equally cool, thrown over your shoulders with an evening dress. A truly iconic piece.

Next week I will sharing inspiration from my wardrobe together with ideas on how to transform simple pieces. Until then, have a fabulous, stylish weekend and good luck with those wish lists.

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