Wedding outfit advice to avoid the panic

Wedding outfit advice to avoid the panic

When I sat down to write this Style Post, I realised my advice has remained the same during my years as a stylist. This doesn’t make it outdated, on the contrary, fashions may come and go but great style advice stands the test of time. What also seldom changes, is our reaction to a wedding invitation – firstly, delight and excitement at the news, followed by ‘outfit panic’!

I do understand it can be difficult finding a wedding outfit. Many women I meet are often torn between wearing something they love and feeling pressure to wear something they feel they should wear, despite it not being their style. I have received so many questions asking for wedding outfit advice, I thought I would share them with you. My hope is that it gives you more freedom to choose an outfit you look and feel incredible in and will want to wear on repeat. Enjoy!

“Fascinators are not for me – what do you recommend?

Why not try a wide-brimmed straw hat? It’s a look I love – so chic and easy to wear. If your style has more of a vintage feel to it, there are beautiful headbands available which look particularly stunning on short hair. If you want to add ‘just a little something’, try a statement clip. And if all those options feel too fussy – visit your hairdresser and get a fabulous blow-dry or an ‘up do’ – it will make the world of difference and finish off a great stylish look.

Can I wear black to a wedding?

Unless the bride and groom specifically ask you not to - feel free. Black can look super chic at summer weddings. Look for unusual cuts and detail that add interest. Here are some beautiful examples that would be perfect. The trick is getting accessories right. Either go bold with a pop of colour if that’s your style or keep to neutral tones and add some fabulous jewellery. Simple, yet stunning.

I can’t wear stiletto heels all day – what other stylish options are there?

Whilst I love a stiletto heel, I know they’re not for everyone (especially at weddings) so why not try a pair of platforms (you get the height and the comfort), or a kitten heel – super pretty. And if you’d rather wear flats, take inspiration from the pair below – so chic and stylish. All 3 styles will add glamour (and comfort) to the simplest outfit.

What is a stylish alternative to wearing a dress?

Trouser suits are a stunning alternative: opt for a less formal colour and wear with pretty sandals or cool block heels and you are good to go. Other options could be a beautiful jumpsuit or co-ord skirt and top. The versions below are great versatile pieces worn together or separately – what’s not to love?

Remember what makes you feel good and what suits you. If you’re not a floral fan – don’t wear them; If you’re not a dress fan – find an alternative; if you can’t wear heels, opt for some beautiful flats. The most stunning wedding outfits I’ve seen are understated, unexpected and worn by women who feel super confident in them. My hope is that you will be one of them.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.