Wedding Guest Outfit Dilemma - Relax…

Wedding Guest Outfit Dilemma - Relax…

Wedding season is upon us, and boy do I love a wedding. However, 3 things tend to happen when we think about what to wear:

  • we panic buy, and end up with something we won’t wear again;
  • we think too hard about whether the outfit is “wedding appropriate” and opt for something that isn’t really our style;
  • we forget we will be in the outfit all day and go for something uncomfortable, which we all know, stops us looking confident and stylish.

As part of my role as a stylist I pride myself on ensuring my clients will always be ‘wedding outfit ready’ (must think of a better title!) whenever they receive that invitation. Often, we forget what we already own in our wardrobe and how we can mix it up to create a wedding outfit. I decided to take the challenge myself and created these 3 looks from my wardrobe.

I have had these pieces for many years (and have worn all of them in more casual ways). I’m not suggesting you never buy a new wedding outfit (God forbid!), I know the joy of finding that beautiful new piece – just don’t dismiss what you already have – it’s easier than you think to recreate a wedding look you love. Before I share some wedding outfit suggestions – check out my previous wedding style post here to help you avoid buying mistakes.

In keeping with last week’s Spring Colour Trend Post here are some of my favourite outfits to inspire you in a rich array of colours and patterns. Whether you love monochrome, bold rich colours, or pastel shades, there is something for everyone. Enjoy investing or creating your own outfit and wear it your way.

Remember what makes you feel good and what suits you. If you’re not a floral fan – don’t wear them; If you’re not a dress fan – find an alternative; if you can’t wear heels, opt for some beautiful flats. The most stunning wedding outfits I’ve seen are understated, unexpected and worn by women who feel super confident in them. My hope is that you will be one of them.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.