Ways to feel more confident about your figure

Ways to feel more confident about your figure

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting fabulous women at the opening of Jigsaw’s new stand-alone store in Kingston. Customers were thrilled which is a testament to the loyal following Jigsaw has maintained together with the team behind it who go above and beyond to provide a superb service. Nothing is too much trouble for them so do call in and enjoy the experience.

It was a joy to discuss style dilemmas and to help solve them using Jigsaw’s beautiful collection. What became clear to me was how critical we can be of our bodies and how hard we are on ourselves. Many women questioned if they were too old to wear certain items; some felt their arms were not toned enough for sleeveless; others felt unconfident generally having gained weight over the years. However, once these women saw themselves in great quality clothing that showcased their ‘best bits’; once they added beautiful accessories to simple outfits - things changed. They stood taller, they had better posture and they smiled at the transformation. THAT is the power of clothing. Don’t forget what clothing can do for you. It’s not frivolous, it does matter, and boy does it make you feel good. Make sure your wardrobe does the same.

With confidence in mind, here are 5 tips that help me – I hope by sharing them, they do the same for you.

Take the edge off with a tan…

I often feel, particularly in summer, my skin needs a little something to even out the colour and give me a healthier glow. I have tried many tans and my latest favourite is Bare by Vogue. I keep to the light shade (which is very light) but there are various options available, and the website will help you choose the right one. I often recommend this to clients, especially those who are self-conscious of their arms.

Add some height with a flatform…

Many women have decided uncomfortable, heeled shoes are in the past – a distant memory. I agree that uncomfortable high heels will never make you look or feel confident. However, if you are someone who constantly feels they are not tall enough for certain clothing, remember there are lots of options out there for summer which can give you height and comfort. Enter stage left – “the flatform”. Not as high as a wedge or a platform but still lengthens the leg and gives you a spring in your step.

Add some colour to your wardrobe

On Saturday I stepped away from black and red and chose a fabulous pink linen suit . I loved it – as did many of the women I met. I felt comfortable, I felt confident, and it lifted me out of my signature colours. So why not add a pop of colour to your wardrobe and feel the difference it makes to your confidence (and your mood)? Many of Jigsaw’s suits come in great colours this season – here are just two of my current favourites.

Show your hands and feet some love

As someone who has ruined their nails with shellac I am going back to basics. I need to nourish my nails and get them strong and healthy again this summer. However, it’s hard to break free of the instant, sleek polish that shellac can give you. Many people have recommended Margaret Dabbs Nail Treatments. Her pedicures include a hydrating foot massage and her manicures finish with a creamy scrub and a relaxing hand and lower arm massage. I feel my hands and feet deserve it and it’s amazing the confidence a great manicure and pedicure can bring, especially now that summer is here.

I hope this Style Post inspires you to be less critical and make small changes that will increase your confidence and help you look and feel fabulous, because trust me – you are!

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.