Wardrobe Revamp… Why we find it difficult

Wardrobe Revamp… Why we find it difficult

Last week I spent some time assessing my own wardrobe. Whilst I loved the process, it wasn’t easy (even for me!). It’s hard to be objective: it’s tricky to resist either throwing it all out and starting again or keeping everything ‘just in case’. For the record – neither is a good move! I have written many style posts giving practical advice about the process, storage solutions, the best ways organise items, but I understand tackling your wardrobe can become so much more than simply buying a few boxes and some new hangers. For many it is overwhelming – where the hell to start; you can feel a sense of shame if you have too many clothes or if clothes look shabby and neglected; you can feel loathing if you no longer fit into certain items. All these feelings stop us taking action. Here’s what happens when you do…

“Never in a million years did I think that I would need or consider hiring someone to help me with my wardrobe. Until this year when it became clear to me that I just can’t do it on my own. After years of focussing on my work and kids I have lost my way and even when I attempted to shop it never felt satisfying. I kept going for the same old, same old, feeling quite deflated and disappointed with my wardrobe. This all changed when I met Maggie who was recommended to me by a friend. I had previously considered a few stylists but there was something about Maggie. She is warm, generous, fun, and inspirational. Her magic is addictive! She totally understood me and showed me how to make my wardrobe work. It’s an incredible experience.”

Before you ask – no money changed hands for this beautiful testimonial!

It made me realise - I can send you ALL the best advice regarding your wardrobe, but nothing will get you results as quickly and efficiently as having me there with you. My wardrobe service is an investment, I know that, but it is one that you will never regret and one that will stay with you. Now, more than ever, is a time to be considered when it comes to shopping and to really appreciate what you already own. Do get in touch to book or find out more information. It would be an absolute pleasure to help you. Let 2023 be the year you make the change.

Maggie’s Top 3

I’ve added a new addition to the Style Post for 2023. It’s good to share:

3 things I’m enjoying this week:

Using - Caudalie Cleansing Oil. I’m usually a cream cleanser girl but this was recommended by a fabulous friend, Gillian, who happens to be an amazing facialist (more about her in a dedicated Style Post). It smells divine and leaves your skin feeling so soft with a healthy glow. It’s a great price point too.

Wearing – a chunky knit & wide leg trousers. The jumper is 3 years old Me & Em (bought in the sale). Here is a similar version currently on sale . The wide leg trousers are so gorgeous to wear – part of a trouser suit from Winser London (2 years old – still available*) and leather trainers (2 years old from Whistles – still available).

*use Maggie10 for Winser discount code.

Listening to…Beautiful Misfits Podcast

I’m a huge fan of Mary Portas. I love her style, her attitude and her podcast. She talks to authors, businesspeople, designers, and poets who are using their unique perspective to create a better, more beautiful future So insightful. Enjoy!

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Maggie Killick

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