I’m conflicted by Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of celebrating your love for someone (whether it be a romantic partner, a good friend, or a family member) but when I see the overpriced roses, the valentine’s set-menu in restaurants, the tacky underwear in stores, I do become a little dis-heartened - see what I did there? I’ve had great valentine’s days whether I’ve been single (out for cocktails with good mates), married (usually opting for an Indian takeaway rather than a fancy restaurant). I’ve also had some horrible ones when I’ve been heart-broken from a break-up, when I’ve felt lonely or when Killick forgot! Yep - that was a long evening I can tell you!

For those of you who may not be looking forward to it or just fancy a little indulgence (because trust me – you’re so worth it), here are some gorgeous treats to help you enjoy the day. You’ll notice I’ve kept to a colour theme – however if red isn’t for you - these items do come in other colours, but we seriously need to talk!

Remember you can also go to the Choose Love website to shop this Valentine’s Day. You’ll find fabulous merchandise with the cool and iconic Katharine Hamnett design. 100% of profits go to support refugees across Europe, the middle East and on the US-Mexico border. Why not treat yourself and spread the message of positivity and hope.

You're very welcome

Maggie Killick

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