The Ultimate Winter Coat Collection

The Ultimate Winter Coat Collection

Many of you have been asking for a Style Post dedicated to the “perfect” winter coat. Before I go ahead and make you swoon over a selection of stunning options, I just want to say a word or two about this week’s amazing event with Amanda Wakeley OBE and her fabulous team. I say a word or two because next week’s post will be dedicated to it: what we discussed, Amanda’s insights into her new stunning collection, my favourite picks (so many!), video footage etc – so if you didn’t manage to secure a place on the night - apologies but hopefully this will be the next best thing. To those of you who did join me – thank you. It was a joy to spend time with you. It was described as having a “great vibe”, “inspiring”, “fun” and that is all down to the incredible women in the room – thank you for the support and for being so fabulous. Now…where was I with coats….

Well firstly, a confession, I have a weakness for coats. It is my favourite item of clothing. The reason: it’s the quickest and easiest way to look stylish. If I’m pushed for time I can wear the simplest outfit then throw on a gorgeous coat and I’m sorted.

The most important thing to remember about coats is no single coat will give you everything. Many women will own a variety of shoes, however, when it comes to coats, they limit themselves to one or two (usually a wool “work” coat and a “week-end” casual coat). If this resonates with you I would suggest building on your coat collection. This doesn’t mean spending an absolute fortune on every coat. It means choosing wisely: investing in ones you wear daily but also thinking about less obvious coats (which may not be practical for every day) but boy will you feel amazing in them.

Here are are my top 5 styles of coats that you may like to consider adding to your wardrobe – trust me – they’ll make the world of difference to your winter. Enjoy!

The Masculine Tailored Coat

I am a huge fan of masculine tailoring for women. The silhouette of a tailored Crombie coat or an oversized double-breasted coat gives a cool, effortless edge to whatever you’re wearing, and is so easy to get right. Wear with everything from jeans to an evening dress – just gorgeous.

Stunning Winter White Shades

There is nothing more chic than a beautiful ‘winter white’ coat. Yes I hear you, “not practical”, “how do I drink my red wine”, “how do I pick up my child”, “how can I commute to work” – admittedly a white coat is a luxury but if you can (ie. you already have your more practical coats sorted) add one of these to your wardrobe – for those occasions when you can avoid children, get a taxi and drink champagne!

Belted wool coats

There is such a timeless appeal to longline belted coat - the epitome of chic. I particularly love these 3 options with oversized collars and wide belts. If you want to move away from your traditional ‘black’ coat why not invest in a beautiful shade of camel, navy or grey – all great neutral colours that will go with everything.

The Textured/Check Coat

From subtle grey herringbone to a more dramatic textured check – you will see them this season, in all shades and all styles. Don’t be afraid to clash your checks for a very ‘fashion forward’ look or throw on over simple pieces and see the richness it brings to your outfit.

The Coatigan

A Coatigan (cross between a coat and a cardigan – in case you’re new to the term!!) is one of my favourite items for Autumn/Winter. It is so damn practical on those mild days when you want warmth but not the bulk and heaviness of a coat. Once you wear one, trust me, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Whether you are looking to invest in a new winter coat or taking a fresh look at your coat collection to see what’s missing, I hope this inspires and excites you for a stylish Autumn/Winter.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.