The Presents to inspire us in 2018

The Presents to inspire us in 2018

When it comes to Christmas, you may be one of those people who is super organised; someone who, by now, has everything wrapped, tagged, and ready to go. If you are – I am in awe and need to ask – How the hell did that happen? I never seem to quite get there – not because I’m particularly disorganised (it’s only 8th December after all!) but because I find most people don’t desperately NEED anything (or if they do they’ve already bought it for themselves) so it’s difficult to find gift inspiration.

However, whilst they may not need anything in particular, most people I know will set New Year Resolutions and I can see why. There is something quite lovely about making a fresh start and re-inventing ourselves for the year ahead. So if you know someone who will want to make 2018 the year they:

  • improve their health and fitness;
  • transform how they look and feel about their style;
  • learn a new skill; or
  • simply look after themselves better

why not choose a Christmas gift to help get them there. They’ll love you for it and will be far more likely to stick to their particular goal. Check out the following gift vouchers with a difference. I hope they inspire you if you are struggling with gift inspiration.

The Gift of Health & Fitness

We’ve all been there – deciding this is the year we become fit and healthy and yet somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd week of January our discipline leaves us and we dig out the left-over celebration box! Well not when you receive the Body UK Gift Voucher.

With this gift card you have the choice of one-to-one training, boot-camp (not as scary as you might think) or on-line training. Gift cards can be purchased in £50 and £100 vouchers and come with a pre-consultation. This allows Jem Scragg (the owner and head coach of BodyUK) to find out the recipient’s goals and how best to get them there – and trust me he always does. I should point out here that I speak from experience: Jem is not only a great friend of mine but, quite frankly, a brilliant personal trainer. My body confidence, fitness and energy levels continue to improve and surprise me – now that’s a gift worth receiving.

The Gift of Style

Ok, I know it’s my gift card BUT, who wouldn’t love some style for 2018? This card allows you to choose a particular service: Wardrobe Consultation; Personal Shopping Experience or to purchase from The Collection. If you are unsure which service they would like, no problem, they can choose when I meet them for a consultation. The gift card can be purchased for monetary value of £50 upwards and is beautifully packaged with a greeting card, red envelope and signature black ribbon. Trust me it’s the gift everyone will love.

The Gift of Food

The Food at 52 cookery gift voucher is such a great idea. Whether your recipient is a fabulous cook and wants to broaden their repertoire or, like me, needs to learn the basics and some kitchen confidence - there is a course to suit everyone. Each lesson ends with a feast of all the food prepared and specially chosen wines (obviously!) a great way to spend an evening and meet new friends. One of my clients has just purchased this for her son who is heading off to University. She wanted to equip him with the basic cookery skills he needs living away from home - genius idea.

The Gift of Relaxation

Oh, a fabulous spa break, don’t we all need this after Christmas? Whether it’s a day or a week-end it is pure indulgence. offers a variety of vouchers to suit individual needs and budgets – whether you pick a favourite venue for the recipient or let them have the joy of deciding – it’s the ultimate gift – and clearly you should offer to go with them – rude not to!

Now, hopefully you’re all sorted – pass the Baileys!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.