The perfect wardrobe staple…

The perfect wardrobe staple…

This week 3 things happened to decide this week’s topic for the style post. Firstly I received an e-mail from a fabulous client who owns a Maggie Killick Style cigarette trouser suit. Apparently she’d been stopped twice on the same day by women asking where her suit was from – they loved it and I was truly delighted to hear it (thanks for sharing Anne); secondly I was reading in a fashion magazine that trouser suits are making a comeback (not sure where they’re coming back from but still, good to know!); and finally I was presenting a style workshop to a group of great corporate women and discovered many of them had fallen out of love with wearing trouser suits because they struggle to find the right style to suit them.

So here’s why I believe every woman should own at least one(!) gorgeous trouser suit, together with inspiration to suit all ages, shapes and budgets.

The reason a trouser suit works:

  • it’s so effortless to style, whatever the season: in summer with a t-shirt and plimsolls or in Autumn with a fitted roll-neck and heels – it just works
  • it’s incredibly versatile: wear the jacket with a great dress for work; with an evening dress or a statement skirt and try the trousers with a silk blouse or denim shirt – it never lets you down;
  • it’s easy to transform for an evening out: lose your shirt or blouse (ok, pin the lapel if you must!), add a great statement necklace – the result - a stunning evening alternative to a little black dress.
  • it’s suitable for all ages and body shapes: if you love your slim legs opt for a cigarette style; if your legs are your least favourite part, wear a stunning wide leg version. This is the very reason I designed both as part of my Collection.
  • it’s constantly being re-invented: check out the cullotte-style versions for a modern twist - there are fabulous options out there

I’ve had the pleasure of styling many fabulous women in trouser suits and, without exception, all have looked sassy, sexy and confident – so what are you waiting for?

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.