The Love of a Great Coat…

The Love of a Great Coat…

Those of you who are regular readers of my Style Post will know I have a real weakness for coats. Whether it’s a fabulous spring coat or a more substantial autumn/winter version – it’s my favourite item of clothing. The reason I’m such a fan is because a great coat is the quickest and easiest way to look stylish; it gives you great comfort without sacrificing on style; and it can add a dramatic look to the simplest outfit.

My one piece of advice regarding coats would be to remember no single coat will give you everything. Many women will own a variety of shoes, however, when it comes to coats, they limit themselves to one or two (usually a wool coat and a waterproof parka). If this resonates with you I would suggest building on your coat collection. This doesn’t mean spending an absolute fortune on every coat. It means choosing wisely and investing in ones you wear daily but also thinking about less obvious coats for winter which will add versatility to your wardrobe and make you feel chic and stylish during the winter months.

  • Think about adding a coat that isn’t in a traditional colour (ie. black or navy). Pink is a fabulous coat colour (there’s a shade to suit everyone) and more versatile than you think. It works beautifully with denim, grey, black and burgundy.
  • Think about a sleeveless waistcoat. This may seem frivolous for winter but it is one of the most versatile pieces I own. During milder weather it can be worn over a leather jacket and when it gets colder try a chunky knit. It will create a far more interesting look than a traditional tailored coat.
  • As you build up your collection, you can afford to introduce some indulgences including cream. It may not be your everyday go to, but when you do wear it you’ll feel incredibly cool and chic.
  • Don’t be put off by coats with shorter sleeves. This sleeve-length can be hugely flattering. Again think about long sleeve jumpers underneath or adding a fabulous pair of long leather gloves.

I hope the above selection inspires you to take a fresh look at your coat collection and allows you to see what may be missing for this autumn/winter.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.