The joy of saving for a beautiful investment piece

The joy of saving for a beautiful investment piece

On Mother’s Day my gorgeous and very stylish Mum was talking out clothes she wore back in the day: how well made they were and how she would save up for an item she’d seen in a catalogue or advertised in a newspaper. She was able to reserve the item and pay off a certain amount each week until the day came for her to pick it up. It was sheer joy to see her face when she described arriving home with it, wearing it and the way she took care of it.

I know times have changed and clothing is more affordable and accessible but I still think there’s a joy in investing in a beautiful piece that you really need to think about before deciding to buy: a piece that will last forever , that you’ll love and will instil great memories when you look back on times you wore it.

I do appreciate we all have budgets and every piece of clothing cannot be an ‘investment piece’ – it’s impractical day-to-day and who doesn’t love a bargain? However, the perfect stylish wardrobe in my view is one made up of beautiful investment pieces coupled with less expensive (but still well made) items that work together to create an individual look you’ll love to wear. In my opinion and in my experience as a stylist, head-to-toe designer outfits lose their impact just as head-to-toe inexpensive clothes lose their effectiveness to create a stylish outfit.

Obviously you will all work to different clothing budgets but here are 3 items that may inspire you to invest or to find your own versions out there that work for you and your budget. Either way, a fabulous tote handbag, a cool oversized coat (or mac) and a fabulous pair of statement shoes will lift any outfit and make you look and feel incredible. That’s well worth investing in – don’t you think?

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.