The joy of finding a new style for you…

The joy of finding a new style for you…

One of the great joys of Personal Shopping is getting clients to try clothing I have pre-selected that they may never have chosen and seeing their surprise when they realise how stunning they look in them. This happened just last week when I got my client to try “the jumpsuit”. Her initial reaction at the thought of trying one was sheer horror and she’s not alone. Many women overlook the jumpsuit and yet it can be such a versatile, stunning piece for both casual and evening wear.

If you haven’t tried one yet, here is some style advice together with my particular favourites on the high-street. I hope they inspire you to give one a try.

Wear a solid colour

Jumpsuits can be found in an endless array of patterns and textures. However, my advice would be to go for a neutral colour: white, black, blue or grey (especially if you’re trying a jumpsuit for the first time). A solid jumpsuit is elongating and these colours allow you to accessorize easily.

Wear a loose cut

Obviously when it comes to my clients I find them the exact cut, length and style to suit them. However, as a general rule a looser style jumpsuit that drapes your figure will be more flattering and add height. I always add heels to a wide-leg jumpsuit as it elongates the leg and makes the waist even smaller.

Wear a belt to create shape and style

It’s all about defining the waist. Many jumpsuits come with cloth belts so tie tightly or simply add your own belt. Either way belting jumpsuits will give you a stylish look and curvy shape.

Style with a jacket

The easiest way to feel confident in a jumpsuit is to pair the look with a great jacket. A sleek blazer can polish your look or, for a more casual look, try a fitted denim or leather jacket.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.