The Footwear Dilemma…solved

The Footwear Dilemma…solved

I have received so many messages from you asking for advice on stylish, practical footwear for this crazy, unpredictable weather. It is June for goodness sake! Whilst “it’s only weather” as my husband would say (oh how I wish he’d stop saying that!) - I hear you, and I have dedicated this week’s post to helping you find the perfect pair. Here are my 3 favourite styles that I feel tick all the boxes.

The Mary Jane

I know this style of shoe divides opinion - people either love or hate it. I absolutely love a Mary Jane, particularly with denim which gives them a more edgy look and stops them looking too prissy. There are so many options available but for me – opting for ‘non-black’ in summer looks way cooler. Remember you can find varying heel heights and different toe options if you prefer a more pointed style.

The Loafer

The trick with a summer loafer is to go for something a little less chunky and again in a softer colour way. This makes them far easier to wear with skirts and dresses. Tan and off-white are perfect, but if you fancy a darker shade, navy or burgundy (see below) are great alternatives.

The Trainer 

It’s a matter of personal taste but for me a sporty trainer isn’t my favourite (unless I’m working out). However, I do love a ‘retro style’, and a ‘plimsole style’. Again, these give you more versatility in terms of wearing with skirts and dresses. If you are opting for a chunky sporty trainer, I love them with a slouchy trouser in a light fabric to add contrast (see below).

I hope this Style Post inspires you when styling your “practical and stylish” footwear and if you have neither – you know who to call.

You're very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.