The effortless trouser style that may well surprise you

The effortless trouser style that may well surprise you

Word on the fashion street is “wide leg trousers are back”. In my world – they never went away. From the old school sassiness of Katharine Hepburn to the modern-day striking style of Tilda Swinton, wide leg trousers are an effortless way to look cool whilst remaining (dare I say) comfy!

I have always loved the wide leg trouser style, and still do, which is why they form part of my clothing line. On the 2015 catwalks these trousers have a fashion forward silhouette (ie. super-wide and super-loose) but that doesn't mean they can't work in the real world. If you are someone who thinks: “I’m too short to wear them”; “all that extra material will add pounds” and/or “I’ll look ridiculous in them” - think again. Just this week I converted two clients to the wide leg style. They were both shocked and surprised at how good they looked. They loved the sophistication of them, the feeling of freedom (nothing clinging, nothing cutting in) they simply skimmed their figures and they felt amazing.

So how do you wear them? Here are some guidelines and looks to help inspire you to try this understated and effortless style:

  • wear them with fitted tops (tucked in) to avoid being swamped with material;
  • avoid too much pleating at the front as this will simply add bulk;
  • wear them long (skimming your shoes) and, in my view, always with heels; if this is not an option and you are tall, wear pointed flats to keep the look sharp and stylish;
  • stick to neutral colour palettes and avoid bold patterns which may overpower you;
  • if you opt for the culotte style (ie. shorter in length), again wear with a fitted top and pointed heels to elongate the leg and balance your shape.

Good luck and do let me know if I convert you! 

Enjoy your week and feel free to share this post.


PS. Off to London Fashion Week – full report next Friday!