The clocks have changed – have you?

The clocks have changed – have you?

Yes, autumn is officially upon us and I love everything about it: the colours, the temperature, the dark evenings and obviously the clothes. Summer clothes never give me the same thrill as autumn/winter ones. To mark the change, I spent last Saturday packing away my spring/summer clothes to make room for gorgeous knits, long boots and fabulous coats.

In order to do this I invested in some key items to help organise my wardrobe and boy did it make a difference. Whilst this isn’t the most stylish looking post this week – it may inspire you to do the same.

Packing Away

Most of my spring/summer clothes don’t need hanging so I began by packing them away in these transparent storage bags – adding a moth proofer sachet in each one (I finally found ones that don’t smell of lavender!).

Unpacking and Reviewing

Next I reviewed all my clothes for the autumn/winter season. I tried everything on and ended up with 3 piles: dry cleaning/mending, charity and bin. I was pretty ruthless: if I didn’t love the piece; if it had seen better days; or if I hadn’t worn it for years – it had to go.


I then cleaned the inside of my wardrobe and began re-hanging clothes. I love having uniform hangers – it makes everything look smarter and gives your wardrobe a ‘boutique’ feel.

Folding knitwear

When it comes to jumpers and cardigans (who am I kidding – I don’t own a cardigan!), I always fold knitwear and store in drawers (in order to keep their shape) rather than hanging in my wardrobe. Just make sure you fold them 3 or 4 deep (no more), as you’ll forget the ones at the bottom.

Storing Shoes/Boots

I went through my whole shoe and boot collection - throwing out those that had lost their shape or appeal; setting aside those that needed mending, before polishing and spraying those that I still love to wear.

I always keep shoes in boxes (and, where possible, away from my clothes). I’ve yet to take photos and stick them on the front of each box (a job for a rainy day!) but I did order some new clear boxes which should help with organising.

Sorting Scarves

Finally, I sorted through my scarves, folded them (side on) and placed then in storage baskets. As with all accessories – unless you can see them – you won’t wear them.

I then put my feet up, poured myself a large g&t and decided perhaps it was time to get a life!

On a serious note, if you haven’t already “swapped over”, why not give it a go? I appreciate you may be short of time (who isn’t?) but making the time will make all the difference to you, how organised you feel and how much you’ll love wearing your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Good luck! And if you need some help – just ask – it would be a pleasure to help.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.