​The 3 Style Rules I continually break….

​The 3 Style Rules I continually break….

Are you someone who follows ‘style rules’? There are numerous TV shows, style books and magazine articles dedicated to them. Initially they seem helpful but often they can end up confusing and paralysing you when it comes to dressing. I constantly remind my clients that it’s OK to break some style rules, in fact it is often when people look their most stylish. I would encourage you all to trust your instinct more, wear what you love and resist the urge to follow strict rules that stifle one’s individual style choices.

Here are just 3 of the most common Style Rules I’m often asked about and that I continually break.

Never mix navy & black

Navy and black look super-chic together. The combination is a favourite of many European designers and is often seen on Gucci and Céline runway shows. It’s also a great alternative for those of you who find wearing all black too draining – mix it up and see the difference it can make.

Never mix gold & silver

Whilst I am more inclined to wear silver (it’s suits my paler skin-tone) I often mix gold and silver. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by stacking bracelets or rings in varying widths and shades of silver and gold. It allows you to play with different styles and patterns in your jewellery to create a unique look. When mixing metals, opt for jewellery in the same stylistic realm to create a cohesive look that you’ll love.

Always Dress Age-appropriate!

Gone are the days when women over a certain age had to avoid leather, stop wearing short skirts and be fearful of shopping in certain stores. I know women of all generations, my family included, who look amazing in a piece from Top Shop, Zara or H&M. It’s how you put the pieces together, how the clothing makes you feel, the confidence it gives you that will make it appropriate for you.

Remember, rules are made to be broken – particularly with style & fashion. If you need my view on others you have, email me – It would be a pleasure to give you my opinion and share them on future style posts.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.