The 3 biggest worries when booking a Personal Stylist

The 3 biggest worries when booking a Personal Stylist

This week I had the absolute pleasure of dressing a woman in her late 70s. She needed an outfit for her Granddaughter’s wedding and was dreading the search for it. I had only met her once before, so we began with champagne and chat before heading to the pre-booked changing room. I had set out her pre-selected outfits and we began to play! In less than 40 minutes she had chosen her perfect outfit. It was a joyous moment. We knew it was the right one: she stood taller, she walked with confidence, she owned it and boy did she look fabulous. I wish I had taken a photo, but we were having such a good time – I forgot! What I do remember is what she said to me “Maggie, for the first time in so long, I feel young again”, “I feel so invigorated”. Why am I telling you this? Not to brag, but to reassure anyone who is worried about booking me. I asked my client if the experience was what she had expected. It wasn’t and she quickly began to share the worries she’d been feeling beforehand. I thought I’d share a few with you in case they resonate.

What if I don’t like anything that’s been chosen for me?

In all my years as a stylist – this has never happened (due to my pre-shop consultations). However, if it did – we would most certainly work it out. I would never let you walk away with an outfit you didn’t love just because I’d chosen it. There is no hard sell, and I am not on commission. It’s about finding you clothing that we both love and that look incredible on you.

What if I’m not wearing the right underwear?

Relax – I’ve seen it all. I’m not judging you on your underwear. Don’t get me wrong – underwear makes a huge difference but that can be sorted. You can undress in the privacy of the changing room without me if you prefer – I totally get it and appreciate you may feel vulnerable, but experience has shown it rarely lasts during our time together.

What if nothing fits?

Trust me, it will. I set aside different sizes based on my knowledge of brand sizing. I also bring pins with me to alter clothing so you get a better idea of how the clothing can look. Along with pins I bring water, deodorant, and some key accessories (it’s my “kit bag”). I’m always prepared!

The more I dress people, the more I’m reminded – it’s not really about the clothes (albeit I love the clothes) it’s about giving people that energised, excited feeling that so many people have lost along the way – due to age, circumstance or just life.

I will share a photo of my client from the wedding in July – but for now here’s the text she sent when she got home.

Rest assured I will remember it too.

If you have a particular worry or concern about booking my services, please let me know by emailing This information helps improve the services I provide and in turn make me a better stylist.

Thank you

Maggie Killick

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