​Taking care of yourself with products I love to recommend…

​Taking care of yourself with products I love to recommend…

As regular readers will know, every now and again, I like to recommend beauty products: not because I’m a beauty expert, far from it, but I know several women who are and who kindly recommend lotions and potions to me. Through-out January I’ve tried the following which I absolutely love (and I promise you I’m not paid to say that).

As always it’s a pleasure to spread the word to you, in case, like me, you are tempted to reassess your beauty regime (or start one!).

The MKS Recommended…

Body Lotion

I’m slightly obsessed with body lotions. However, I’m quite fussy as I find many brands quite greasy which means I’m reluctant to use them in the morning when I’m rushing to get ready. Then I discovered Kiehl’s Crème de Corps. It may not look particularly stylish on my bathroom shelf but it has a great non-greasy feel and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin – it feels so soft and moisturised – I love it.

Bath Oil

There is a reason this bath oil has won awards – boy is it relaxing! I can barely get from the bath to my bed when I’ve used it. It leaves skin beautifully smooth and, despite falling asleep within minutes, the fragrance lingers for hours. Don’t be fooled by the small bottle – you need the smallest amount (one or two drops) - trust me, add more and who knows when you’ll wake up!

Body Scrub

Whilst I’m all about relaxing in a bath in the evening, mornings are about quick showers with a bit of body scrubbing! This Body Shop scrub is quite coarse which means it’s more invigorating and gets to work on waking up the skin and you! Again it leaves skin feeling wonderfully smooth – a genius product at a great price.

Foot Cream

I appreciate for now, our feet are covered up and you may not feel the need to give them any care or attention but this product will make you think again. I’ve been a huge fan of Clarins hand cream for years but only tried their foot cream after receiving a free sample (Clarins are renouned for their sample sizes). It feels wonderfully nourishing, smells gorgeous and really softens hard skin – bring on the strappy sandals – I’m ready!

Face Cream

I don’t like to suggest specific face creams or oils as you will all have different skin types and brands you love. However, I cannot write this post without sharing my favourite generic face product by Charlotte Tilbury. This ‘Magic Cream’ is another award winner and rightly so. This cream is luxurious and thick to apply but somehow, perhaps it’s the magic! (I’m a sucker for beauty products) it feels light on the skin and leaves it looking luminous and definitely more plump. Oh and did I mention it smells divine?

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.