Spreading the word…

Spreading the word…

As you know, my weekly Style Post is all about sharing: whether it be a particular experience, clothing brand, beauty product or event. Unlike many stylists, I am not in collaboration with particular brands, I simply enjoy spreading the word on things I genuinely love. The hope is that each Style Post inspires you to try new things and make the very best of yourself. With this in mind – welcome to… “Something to…”

Something to try…

Whilst I constantly reassess my clothes and style, my make-up is a whole other story. I have worn a bright red lip since I was 16. It’s my signature, and I feel a little naked without it. I use mascara, eye-liner and tinted moisturiser and that’s about as far as it goes. So you can imagine how delighted I was to have the opportunity to work with Faye Bunker, an incredibly talented and fabulous make-up artist who recently shared her knowledge and expertise with me.

Faye arrived at my home, and, after an initial consultation, set to work on showing me how to emphasise cheekbones, make my eyes ‘pop’ (not as painful as it sounds!); introduce me to a ‘nude lip’ (never understood that!); and generally improve my make-up routine. During our time, Faye checked out my make-up bag and advised me on what to keep, what needed to go and how to use products and brushes properly. It was a revelation! She followed up by sending through a face chart detailing specific product recommendations. Faye is a real find and it is an absolute pleasure to recommend her make-up lessons to you.

Something to see

On Saturday, following a long lunch at The Orrery and before cocktails at Christopher’s Martini Bar (yep – it was a particularly great Saturday) my friend and I went to see McQueen. The film celebrates the radical and tortured genius, Alexander McQueen.

Whilst he once described himself as an ‘unremarkable’ – this film proves otherwise. It is brilliantly shot using home movies, audio tapes, deeply personal interviews together with the most memorable and iconic moments in his shows – like nothing the fashion world has ever seen before, or since. You really should see it - you won’t be disappointed.

Something to buy…

Summer holidays are here, which means many of us will be looking for the perfect swimwear. It’s fair to say, we can all feel a tad unconfident in swimwear – no matter how great our bodies really are. However, taking the time to buy fabulous, styles that are cut beautifully goes a long way towards body confidence. The right piece can transform not only your figure but how you feel about it. I’m a real fan of J Crew swimwear. The quality is great and they offer different torso lengths, cup sizes,and allow you to mix-and-match bikini top and bottom styles. Here are just 3 of my favourite styles, but check out the website to find the perfect style for you.

This halter-style is so flattering and with the subtle band nderneath the bust it creates added structure and support. Obviously I went for Maggie Killick Style Red but there are various colour options to choose from.

I love this look. Many women don’t realise just how flattering high-waisted bikini bottoms can be. Team them with the sculpted bra-fit top to gain a gorgeous retro look. This set also comes in plain colours if you’re not a fan of patterned swimwear.

Clean cut, simple and incredibly sexy. What’s not to love? Also, if white is, well just a little too white, this swimsuit comes in 6 great colour options.

Make this the summer you treat yourself to a stunning, well-made bikini or swimming costume – it will make the world of difference to how you feel.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.