Resisting style temptation…

Resisting style temptation…

Whilst I adore my job - it does have its downside. I’m constantly looking at new collections, new brands, new designers which inevitably means I’m constantly tempted to buy beautiful new pieces. What I have learned to do is, make a wish list of items I love and place pictures of them in my look book (yes I know I should use Pinterest but I love physically flicking through my books for inspiration). I then make a conscious effort to give away items from my wardrobe before making the new purchases. This process makes me think harder about what I buy and makes the new items seem all the more special.

With this in mind I thought I’d share with you just 3 key pieces I have my eye on and why they will be a great addition to my (and possibly your) wardrobe:

Statement flats. I adore this pair from Whistles. I’ve been looking out for them since they were previewed on the catwalk back in January! Now they’re finally here. They do come in black but the nude version make them slightly more versatile. I can see me wearing them with maxi dresses, chinos and jeans but also with more dressy cigarette trousers and statement skirts.

Cool Shades

I love the way sunglasses make everyone feel more confident and look more glamorous. This collection from J Crew is stunning . The only issue is deciding between my two favourite styles : the retro inspired “Ryan” or the classic simplicity of the “Irving”. Gosh life is hard!

A Leather Tote

I’m slightly obsessed with beautiful large handbags. For the life of me I’ve never managed to master a small one. This stunning version from Jigsaw has handles short enough to be hand-held – rather than constantly throwing it over your shoulder (way too heavy in my case!). It’s also made from esquisite soft leather so you know it will age beautifully - a real style staple and available in tan and black (damn – more decisions)!

What I love about all 3 items is they will make the simplist outfit stylish and cool. What’s on your list? If you need some help compiling one – get in touch - it’s always a pleasure to help .

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.