Preparing my style wish list for Spring – care to join me?

Preparing my style wish list for Spring – care to join me?

At this time of year, it’s so tempting to rush out and buy new season pieces in anticipation of Spring. Before you do, take a moment (afternoon, or day!), and assess what you already have in your wardrobe. What’s missing? What new piece will breathe life into your outfits? I’ve spent much of this week doing this with my VIP clients and it prompted me to assess my own wardrobe. Here’s what I learnt from it and how it helped me start my wish list for Spring. I hope it does the same for you.

I don’t need another black sleeveless top

I currently have 9! Whilst they are all slightly different (and I love them) – they are all black, sleeveless and halter neck style, meaning they will give me the same overall look when outfit building.

Shopping Tip : Check your wardrobe and see what multiples you own – it’s a great reminder before you go shopping as we are often instantly drawn to pieces we already own.

I need a new spring handbag

As many of you know – I can’t do a small bag! It’s taken me some time to accept this but now that I have, it makes bag shopping so much easier.

Shopping Tip : Think about how you like to carry your bag: hand-held – (that’s me); over your shoulder; cross-body (looks great on others, but I look like I’m delivering leaflets). Be considered – know what you want when it comes to shopping – it’s a far more enjoyable and successful experience.

I now know what shoe style I’m missing

When it comes to Spring, my go-to is a low pointed mule or sling-back. I love that both give me comfort (as not too high) as well as making me feel girlie especially when wearing more masculine style clothing.

Shopping Tip Look at the shoes you own – what style is missing for Spring : a bold espadrille, a tan loafer, leather trainers or a flatform? Once you know, you’ll be more focussed when you shop.

Here is my wish list - I hope it inspires you to enjoy creating your own.

Loving this beautiful tan handbag, the perfect neutral, that is much roomier than it looks!.
Loving this shade with tan, grey, denim…the list goes on
Loving the slouchy, cool look of these trousers – just add my slingbacks and I’m good to go!
Loving this simple sequin skirt with a white shirt or vest top and oversized blazer
Loving this collaboration of stunning shades by Cos x Linda Farrow

Remember, the more considered you are with shopping, the more successful you’ll be and the less money you’ll waste. 

You're very welcome

Maggie Killick

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