​Packing like a Pro – Maggie Killick Style’s Top 7

​Packing like a Pro – Maggie Killick Style’s Top 7

When you’re a Stylist many people assume certain things about you:

  • You will have a huge wardrobe of clothes
  • You will always know what to wear
  • You will be a master at the art of packing

Whilst I do own a lot of clothes and love putting outfits together, when it comes to packing, I’m still mastering the art.I have read many tips on the subject including: rolling clothes to save space (not convinced - I’m definitely a folder); decanting toiletries into small bottles (who has the time? and I’ll obviously run out); stuffing underwear into shoes (hell no, I love my underwear).I know everyone will have their preferred style of packing but many of you have asked for my packing tips so here they are.Take what you need – leave what doesn’t work (same philosophy as packing really).I hope they help you take the stress and headache out of packing, wherever and however long your travels.

1. Firstly, lay out all clothes, accessories and essentials on the bed and…put half back!Trust me you won’t need them.I tend to pack in outfits - two tops for every bottom, neutrals that mix and match, a statement piece I love and no more than 3 pairs of shoes (including those worn to the airport) – see shoe choices below.

2. Put your jewellery into a small clutch-bag to protect and keep together;

3. Always use clear toiletry bags so you can immediately see what you’ve packed;

5. As we all know, shoes take up a lot of space.Limit yourself to 3 pairs for a summer holiday: flat sliders; wedges and plimsoles – job done.

5. Always use clothes packing cubes and organiser pouches.They are amazing and help create space as well as keep everything organised.

6. Pack white clothing inside out to avoid any marks from shoes etc and fold items that crease easily in tissue paper - you’ll be amazed how little they crease.

7. When using rolling luggage, consider how your items will respond to motion. Keep all the heavy items stored towards the wheels so weight is distributed evenly.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.