One pair of shoes…3 ways

One pair of shoes…3 ways

I spotted these Zara beauties last week. Whilst they are inexpensive (£29.99), they are incredibly comfortable and look super-stylish. I was with a client at the time and her immediate reaction was “I love them BUT what have I got to go with them?” Sometimes we fail to see the versatility of shoes we own. You don’t always need a special occasion to wear them, you don’t always need something to match (in fact I strongly suggest you don’t!), you just need to love wearing them. Here are 3 options (I have more if you’re interested!) of how I would style these fabulous mules. I appreciate you may not all love this particular pair (although…why not?) but I hope this post inspires you to see what great shoes you have lurking in your wardrobe: dust them off and start wearing them with your favourite outfits. Enjoy!

Wear…. casually with your favourite jeans

Wear…dressy with your favourite LBD, LWD or LRD (you get the point!)

Wear…smart/casual with effortless tailoring

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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