One great skirt…so many options

One great skirt…so many options

Often when shopping on-line, it can be difficult to see potential in clothing. Take this Cos co-ord for instance. At first glance it looks like an oversized, rather shapeless dress: gorgeous on a model but what if you’re not? Don’t let that put you off. You need to look beyond how a brand styles clothing and see it’s potential for YOU. This fabulous bold maxi skirt is a great example. It may go unnoticed in this image – yet there are so many options of how to wear it. Here are just a few ideas, I hope it inspires you to see what’s possible with some simple wardrobe basics. Enjoy!

Do you have a great skirt in your wardrobe that you only wear one way. Reassess how you wear it and enjoy creating looks you love. Remember, a versatile wardrobe is the quickest and easiest way to look stylish. If you need more inspiration, check out my style tips video with my fabulous friend and client, Helen Cowan of the Tall Wall. 

You’re very welcome.

Maggie Killick

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