My holiday style & rituals…

My holiday style & rituals…

By the time you read this, I will be in Italy. I am so excited to return to Milan, Florence and Rome - 3 of my favourite cities that hold special memories for me, particularly Rome – where Killick & I honeymooned 19 years ago (madness!)

As a stylist I often give advice to clients on how to pack effectively - what to take that will offer versatility, comfort, and style. Whilst I can do this easily for them (and they love it) when it comes to my own packing I’m not as efficient and organised as one might think. Maybe this year will be different.

Here is an idea of 3 outfits I may take and I am determined to keep shoes to a minimum – let’s see! I will share what I actually wore in my next post. Killick will be my official holiday photographer – what could possibly go wrong?

As well as clothing, I thought I’d also share the things I treat myself to before a holiday, wherever the destination. I’ll report back on the book, the beauty products and of course the contents of my notebook!

A new set of underwear

Opening my case and seeing new underwear fills me with joy. It is such a treat and feels so indulgent. This set is by Wacoal – it’s super pretty, comes in 4 colours and there is currently on sale.

A book that has nothing to do with style or fashion

As a stylist, I spend a huge amount of time reading fashion and style publications. However, on holiday I step away and cannot wait to read Magpie by Elizabeth Day – It’s had fantastic reviews and I have a huge crush on the author so, what’s not to love?

A new beauty product

A holiday is a great time to try new beauty products. You have the time to use them daily and to see if they work! These were a birthday gift (thank you Sarah) – and smell divine. I’ll report back – you’re welcome!

A new notebook

Who doesn’t love a new notepad? The idea behind this is to write down any bright ideas I have during my holiday and to implement them on my return. The reality - well let’s just say I own a lot of notebooks!

Sei il Benvenuto

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.