Maggie’s Holiday Style…with very little space!

Maggie’s Holiday Style…with very little space!

You may have noticed there was no Style Post last week, apologies, and thank you to those who said they missed their Friday style fix – I love you for that. I was away with Killick for 7 days: Helsinki (so cool), Tallinn (a beautiful mix of old and new); and Stockholm (a continual style inspiration, particularly architecture). 3 cities, 2 ferry crossings, lots of walking, and people watching in the sunshine. It was a glorious trip.

My plan was to leave you with a slick packing post of all the outfits I would be taking with me. My plan failed when Killick casually mentioned we had one case between us, and my usual ‘handbag’ was now considered way too large to be classed as carry-on! Once I’d got over myself and my husband’s poor judgment, I decided to re-evaluate my clothing and shoe choices. Here’s what I ended up taking, together with a few packing lessons I learnt along the way.

Make a list - and then make a shorter one!

Mine consisted of 3 main pieces: a linen co-ord (trouser suit), a slip dress and my favourite cigarette trousers. I knew all 3 could be worn in many ways by adding my trusted staples: linen shirts x 2, t-shirts x 2 and a vest top. Job done.

Keeping to a colour palette makes life easier

Due to lack of space (half a suitcase people!), I kept to neutral shades of black, white, and stone. Very simple, but it did the trick, and nothing went unworn. My only pop of colour was a red lip. If you are short on space but not keen on neutrals, why not choose your favourite colour and opt for varying shades of it – it will make packing so much easier for you and you’ll look colourful in a chic and stylish way.

The perfect 3 when it comes to footwear

“No one needs 5 pairs for 7 days” was Killick’s view - turns out he was right (damn him). I travelled in my bulkiest sandals (super comfortable flatforms) and wore them most days. Sliders were great on very hot days and for time spent by the marina. When I did feel like ‘dressing up’ my slip dress, a pointed micro-heel was perfect.

Decanting toiletries - it’s the way forward!

I’ve often suggested this to clients, but rarely followed the advice. This time was different – it demanded a rethink (see how dramatic I can be?). I chose a variety from Muji so I could customise it rather than a pre-selected pack. It worked perfectly, especially travelling from one city to another. Muji are great for travel accessories (I love their see-through travel cubes) as well as general storage solutions for the home.

A two-in-one accessory

To save space I chose to bring my trusted basket bag (smacks of holiday and adds texture to neutral tones). I also put a leather clutch bag inside. This kept everything secure and was super handy for evenings out. I use this hack with most of my large tote bags too, especially going from work to a social event.

Finally….sneak in a frivolous piece

That piece that brings you joy, makes you happy and gives you that holiday feeling. Mine was a favourite statement skirt. I forgot to take a proper photo (it was my birthday and we were having way too much fun). I chose to wear it with a white t-shirt to tone it down and it felt fabulous. I hope you have a piece that does the same for you – remember to pack it!

You're very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.