Maggie Recommends…Tas Kyprianou

Maggie Recommends…Tas Kyprianou

One thing I have noticed, particularly, during the last month, is just how multi-talented people are. I seem to see more and more people sharing new skills, skills I never knew they had. One such person is a guy I’ve known for some time now, Tas Kyprianou. What I first noticed about him (well, apart from his shorts – but that’s a whole other Style Post!) was his upbeat, positive attitude which is infectious. He introduced himself as a photographer but what I didn’t know, until now, is that he is an incredible pen and ink illustrator. Having seen his work, I am delighted to share it with you, together with the piece I have commissioned Tas to create which costs just £20. This is a piece I feel we could all do with right now.

So, without further ado – here is a little bit about Tas, together with my chosen illustration. I hope it inspires you to own a piece of his stunning work and to spread the word on such a talent.

How Tas found his talent

It all started by chance when a friend of his lost his favourite fountain pen. Tas, being Tas, decided to replace it for him and bought one for himself to see what made it so special. He began experimenting with sketching and soon the hidden world of fountain pen inks became an obsession. To his surprise and delight he had offers to buy his bottle reference sketches and they became his first commission (see below) which led to many more.

Tas’s current inspiration

Lately, Tas has found himself returning to the simpler subjects including springtime blossoming trees.

He has carried this simplicity on in his latest creation. “Sumi ink style” Koi fish. In Japan, they signify good fortune and are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Tas is creating as many of these small pen & ink Koi as possible in the hope of sharing them around the world to offer hope and faith to a place of work or dwelling. I cannot think of a better time to own one of these beautiful illustrations or to send to friends and family.

I have ordered mine (hopefully in red) and cannot wait to frame and display it on my office gallery wall. If you would like to commission a Koi, Tas will create one especially for you for just £20 (up to postcard size). For this, or any other commission, feel free to contact him directly on: instagram: @taskyprianou; email:; or mobile : 07956 595767.

Here’s to strength of purpose and good fortune and to the man who deserves both – Tas.