Maggie Loves….simple leather sandals

Maggie Loves….simple leather sandals

As many of you know, I love a heel: wedge, block, stiletto - you name it – I own them all! However, during these last two months I have spent all my time in my favourite Selected trainers. Whilst I miss my heels, the upside is my feet have never looked better. I’ve used the following products to help soften, file and paint them. They are now ready for a great pair of sandals and these beautiful leather flats from Top Shop are my current favourites.

I ordered them earlier this week and cannot wait to wear them with:

  • Cuffed jeans and a white t-shirt;
  • A black or white cotton maxi dress and red nails;
  • Silky wide leg trousers and a vest top.

They also come in orange, if you are looking for something brighter, and both colours are currently on sale.

I hope this Style Post inspires you to either treat yourself or to invest in a few products to transform your feet for summer.

You’re very welcome