Maggie loves…”In Detail 1970”

Maggie loves…”In Detail 1970”

I have always loved Jigsaw accessories. As many of you know, I own many of their plimsoles, jewellery and sunglasses and often showcase them on the Style Post. This week, I visited my local Kingston branch and fell in love with their latest handbag collection, designed to mark their 50th anniversary. Allow me to introduce you to: In Detail 1970. The designer handbag collection without the price-tag (and currently 20% off for a limited time).

There are many reasons I’m so impressed with this collection:

  • The Designs: The deisgner, Lydia Hannon is an expert in luxury accessories. She has worked with Burberry, Jimmy Choo and Smythson and boy does it show in this Jigsaw collection.
  • The Style Choice: It is obvious Lydia and Jigsaw have thought hard about what women need from a handbag in terms of practicality and style. There is a shape, size and colour to suit every woman’s lifestyle and taste.
  • The Leather : The tanned leathers are made with natural colourings to give them a rich tone and the glossy croc versions give a stunning clean, and polished finish. You can tell at a glance these handbags will age beautifully and are made to last.
  • The Colour-Way: Whether you opt for classic black, tan, nude or a pop of rich russet, each colour is a neutral which means you can pair it with all colours in your wardrobe, knowing it will work.
  • The Attention To Detail: The stunning clasp and buckle detailing gives this collection its designer feel. I love that the collection has a very descreet ‘EST.1970’ embossed logo rather than bold branding which high-street brands often tend to do.

I have show-cased my favourites below but good luck deciding which one is perfect for you, I want them all! The great news is, there’s currently 20% off for a limited time only.

The Joy of the Cross-Body : The Denbigh
Those of you who know me well, know I’m not great with a small bag. Well not until now. I have finally understood the joy of carrying less. With the Denbigh, I can keep my phone, keys, credit card and red lipstick (obviously) all in one place.

The Ultimate Tote : The Chiltern

Obviously there are days, many days in fact, when I revert back to a trusted tote bag, particularly when working and visitng clients. This is where the Chiltern comes in. The sturdy leather in rich tan is gorgeous – particularly with all black or denim which I often wear. I love the tough structure to it and the heavy stitch detailing.

The Perfect Inbetween Style: The Warwick & Kenton

The Warwick and the Kenton are the perfect shoulder bag options for those in-between days. Whilst I’m not great with ‘inbetween sizes’ I love the versatility of these, with the double strap option and the choice of gloss croc or rich tan leather.

If you are Surrey-based or happen to be visiting Kingston, Jigsaw’s stand-alone store is a real shopping treat. Natalia Garcia and her team are so welcoming (not to mention incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to style). I can guarantee they will make your visit a memorable one. You never know, I may see you there!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.