Maggie Loves – A Winter Coat (or two)!

Maggie Loves – A Winter Coat (or two)!

Well firstly, a confession, I have a weakness for coats. It is my favourite item of clothing. The reason: it’s the quickest and easiest way to look stylish. If I’m pushed for time I wear the simplest outfit, throw on a gorgeous coat and I am good to go!

The most important thing to remember about coats is no single coat will give you everything. Many women will own a variety of shoes, however, when it comes to coats, they limit themselves to one or two (usually a black, wool “work” coat and a “week-end” casual parka). If this resonates with you, I suggest building on your coat collection. This doesn’t mean spending an absolute fortune on every coat style. It means choosing wisely: investing in ones you wear daily but also thinking about less obvious coats for winter which will add versatility to your wardrobe and make you feel chic and stylish during the winter months.

Here are my personal favourites – I hope they inspire your next coat choice. Trust me it will make the world of difference to your winter. Enjoy!


Think about adding a coat that isn’t in a traditional colour (ie. black or navy). Pink is a fabulous option (there’s a shade to suit everyone) and more versatile than you think. It works beautifully with denim, grey, black and burgundy.


Designers have re-designed the traditional ‘padded coat’ to make it far more flattering. Welcome to the ‘quited liner’ coat. This style gives you the warmth without hiding your shape. Happy days!


Yes – I hear you and I agree - it may not be your everyday go to, BUT when you do wear it you’ll feel incredibly cool and chic. My advice - don’t spend a fortune on a cream coat – it’s never worth the risk and there are plenty of beautiful, stylish versions on the high-street.


I am a huge fan of masculine tailoring for women. The silhouette of a tailored Crombie coat or an oversized double-breasted coat gives a cool, effortless edge to whatever you’re wearing, and is so easy to get right. Wear with everything from jeans to an evening dress – just gorgeous.


A ‘coatigan’ or ‘duster’ coat is one of my favourite items for Autumn/Winter. It is so damn practical on those mild days when you want warmth without the bulk and heaviness of a coat. Once you wear one, trust me, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.


Think about a sleeveless coat or gilet. This may seem frivolous for winter but it is one of the most versatile pieces you will own. During milder weather it can be worn over a leather jacket and when it gets colder try a chunky knit. It will create a far more interesting look than a traditional tailored coat.


From subtle grey herringbone to a more dramatic textured check – you will see them this season, in all shades and all styles. Don’t be afraid to clash your checks for a very ‘fashion forward’ look or throw on over simple pieces and see the richness it brings to your outfit.


The classic ‘trench with a twist’. Leather is everywhere this season. This navy, leather, beauty from Cos is on my wish-list. An investment piece that will last forever. If investing in a leather coat – opt for navy, chocolate brown or oxblood, rather than black. These beatuiful, rich colours will look stunning.

Enjoy staying warm and stylish this winter – YES - you can be both!

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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