Maggie Killick Style Holiday Rituals…

Maggie Killick Style Holiday Rituals…

As I write this Style Post I am preparing for a short trip to the beautiful French city of Marseille. It’s my first proper break this year and I cannot wait. Those of you who are regular readers will know that when I go on holiday I have certain holiday rituals. Here’s what I’m buying, trying, booking and reading for 4 glorious nights away. I hope they inspire you before you take your break (whether long or short; abroad or at home) it’s about indulging and being kind to yourself. Enjoy!

Buying new underwear

I don’t tend to buy lots of summer holiday outfits but I do love to invest in new underwear. Opening my case and seeing gorgeous new sets in stunning colours brings me so much joy. My favourite colours for underwear are navy (looks so much chicer than black); lacey neutral (because although we all need it, plain neutral looks so bland); and then a super pretty (tad impractical) bra set that I just love.

Reading a book that has nothing to do with style or fashion

Day to day I am immersed in all things style and fashion. I spend a huge amount of time reading industry publications and reviews of new brands and stores. Taking a step away from the business is often when I become my most creative. This book came about through Elizabeth Day’s brilliant podcast “How to Fail” which I highly recommend. Who knew failing could be so inspiring?

Booking a manicure and pedicure

With beautiful hands and feet I know I’ll feel instantly groomed.I’m often tempted to go to neutral shades for summer (then I have a word with myself!) and opt for bold red.I’m particularly loving St James Red by Nails Inc.

Buying a new notepad

The idea behind this one is to write down all those things I’m going to improve (guaranteed to make my husband’s eyes roll and reach for the red wine!). Naively I think I’ll be more organised and disciplined when I return from my break. The reality - well let’s just say I own a lot of notebooks!

Trying a new beauty product

I’m trying this beautiful oil-based body treatment from Clarins to firm and tone. I know I’ll have the time to apply it day and night (no excuses) – it’s the best way to test if a product really does do what it says and is worthy of a place on your bathroom shelf. I tried it as a tester (always do this before investing in a full-size product) and it felt wonderful on my skin – let’s see what 4 days will do.I’ll report back.


Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.