Maggie Killick Style 2018 Christmas Message…

Maggie Killick Style 2018 Christmas Message…

4 days to go!! Whether you are completely organised (how the hell do you do that?) or completely stressed (I hear you sister!) I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for supporting Maggie Killick Style.

To my loyal clients: You are just the best. Every time I see you it makes me beam with joy at how fabulous and stylish you look. You are also my advertising (no pressure)! When people ask me if I’ve ever styled someone I didn’t like, the answer is “no”. The reason being, you spread the word and great women tend to know great women – so thank you for helping me grow my business. I truly appreciate it.

To my Style Post readers: Thank you for your comments and feedback which are always welcome. . Do get in touch if you would like specific items covered in the 2019 Style Post and do please pass on the Style Post to friends, colleagues and family so they can subscribe and be part of the Maggie Killick Style community. They would be very welcome.

To those of you who purchased the perfect Autumn/Winter accessory (the MKS cap): Congratulations on having great taste and I hope you are thrilled with the compliments you receive. I was stopped in the street, just yesterday, to ask where mine was from. You can imagine how delighted I was to share – thank you Julie (great to meet you and welcome to the Style Post).

Finally, If, like me, you are still picking up those small last minute gifts – here are some of my favourites which are beautiful, reasonably priced and a real treat to receive.

Enjoy your Christmas break and I look forward to inspiring your style in 2019. I have some great ideas planned for the business and it wouldn’t be the same without you with me.

With love for a stylish, happy and ‘onesie free’ Christmas.