Looking stylish has never felt so good…

Looking stylish has never felt so good…

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the nation’s most powerful fashion movement. Their goal is to stop women dying from breast cancer by 2050. Sadly most of us have been touched by the effects of cancer. In response, many people take on great challenges to help and support the cause: marathon running, triathlons, cake baking (the latter being the greatest one, for me at least!). But there is another way to show your support – wear it!

Two of my favourite brands have joined the campaign to create gorgeous pieces that I guarantee you’ll love. The first comes from the hugely talented British jewellery designer Sarah Parham who launched her range of beautiful, visionary jewellery in 2014. Sarah’s designs are stunning and can be worn in multiple ways. The second is one of my favourite on-line brands, Hush. The brand is aimed at women of all ages who want to look good but don’t want to spend ages doing so, who want to be comfortable but not at the expense of style.

Here are just some of the beautiful designs from these fabulous brands. 30% of sales from the pieces below go directly to the charity – a simple way to do your bit to make their goal a reality – and not a trainer or mixing bowl in sight.

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