Still looking for a stylish sale bargain? You’re in luck…

Still looking for a stylish sale bargain? You’re in luck…

Many of you have emailed asking for my take on the January sales – what I’ve seen, what I’ve loved and what I’ve purchased. The truth is, I struggle with many sales because, by now, new collections are hitting stores which look beautiful – particularly when next to the remnants of sale pieces. I also find many stores dig out very old stock (that no one really wants) and offer it at 70% off!! That is not a bargain. Check out my previous Style Post for tips on how to shop the sales.

That said, the aim of the Style Post is to give you what you’ve asked for so I’ve hit the stores, I’ve seen and I’ve purchased some of the following. I hope this inspires you to choose wisely.

Happy Shopping and remember if the items are showing as ‘sold out’ or are limited in sizes on websites, it is worth checking in stores as all these items were available (in a variety of sizes) at the point of publishing this post.

What are you waiting for?

Striking Coats

Fabulous Knitwear

Stunning Statement Heels

Beautifully cut Trousers

Perfect Shirts

Cool Trainers

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.