Looking ahead to spring/summer accessories…

Looking ahead to spring/summer accessories…

With so much terror and heartbreak in the world, it feels frivolous to talk about style and fashion. However, my hope is that the Style Post will offer you a brief distraction from the horror and sadness in the world. If you are looking at ways to donate and support the Ukraine crisis, this article will show you how best to do so.

Ok, I know just last week there were hailstones and storms and as I write this it is dark and gloomy at 11 am! but brighter days are coming and that means getting ahead of the game when it comes to spring/summer accessories. I will be sharing lots of ‘trend’ updates in future posts but I wanted to remind you of the key accessory colour that never dates and is always super chic - TAN. Tan is a fabulous neutral all year round but for me, it comes into its own during spring/summer. Here’s why I love it:

  • It makes clothing look more expensive;
  • It works with every colour: from bold primary shades to neutrals;
  • It is timeless, cool, and always on trend.

Why not check out your wardrobe and see what tan accessories you own that could lift (or ‘elevate’ if you’re a fashionista!) your favourite outfit. And if you are looking for inspiration, you are in luck - here is a selection of my favourites, to suit all budgets. Enjoy finding yours.




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Maggie Killick

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