London Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2018

London Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2018

What can I tell you about this year’s fashion shows? How about what I won’t be investing in: bum bags; track-suits (with or without high heels!); fringing and plastic macs. Why? See below - enough said!

On a more positive note, I do love the madness of London Fashion Week: the way it showcases new, talented designers; pushes boundaries; tempts us to try new trends; excites us and inspires us for the season ahead. Before I give you a taster of what’s new and what I loved, I do always think it’s worth remembering that just because a particular piece is fashionable, it doesn’t mean you need it in your wardrobe. If you constantly follow fashion you’ll never really develop your own style. As I always say to my amazing clients - trust your intuition when it comes to clothing – wear what you love and what makes you feel confident and you’ll always look fabulous. Lecture over – here’s what I loved, and tips for how to make them work for you.

Bold Colours

Style Tip: Once you’ve found a bold colour that suits you, try to avoid wearing it with black accessories as it can often cheapen the look – particularly primary colours (tomato red, colbalt blue etc). Either clash the colour (eg. red & pink, purple & blue) or wear with light accessories (tan, snakeskin and/or silver are great alternatives).

Cinderella Shoes

Style Tip: As many of you know I’m a great believer in wearing dressy shoes with casual clothing (denim and khaki are two of my favourites). For the record – I’m not a believer in wearing them with socks – no matter how on trend they are!

Ice Cream Pastels

Style Tip: If you’re not a fan of wearing different pastel shades together (a tad too neapolitan for my taste!), try all one colour in varying shades – it’s a great way to make this look super cool and a bit more edgy.

Chic Checks

Style Tip: If wearing matching checks head to toe seems too ‘full-on’, try one piece and keep the rest of your outfit in a similar colour palette. Less is more!

I’ll leave you with a sneak-peak at how the high-street has been inspired by pastels, sequins, checks and brights. Enjoy!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.