Inspiration for your Christmas day outfit…

Inspiration for your Christmas day outfit…

So how are we all? Christmas is almost here, and I have had a revelation: I will never be organised for Christmas. For many years I have aspired to be the person who has everything wrapped, tagged and bowed by early December; the person who has sent all the cards in time for 2nd class postage; the person who’s house smells of amber scented candles; the person who has coordinated their diary to allow for evenings by the fire (I don’t have one!), sipping Baileys (I’m not even a huge Baileys fan)! On reflection, I’m not sure I’d like this version of me anyway – too damn smug. I’m sure there’s a happy medium, but until I find it, I’ll embrace the madness and stick to what I’m good at – offering style advice.

Many of you have been asking for inspiration on what to wear on Christmas Day. Well, I say – put away the onesie, ditch the slippers and forget the Christmas jumper (you did ask!). It’s time to dress up. However, this doesn’t mean you need to forego comfort. Check out my hand-picked favourites that guarantee comfort and effortless style.

I hope this Style Post inspires you to create your own outfit that makes you feel fabulous - because, dear reader, you are

Or, just add a great shoe (preferably two!) to your favourite outfit – it’s sometimes all you need to make the simplest outfit fabulous.

And if you think you’re missing something to finish off your outfit – add the perfect accessories: a great lipstick, some fantastic jewellery and a glass of bubbly – Happy Christmas!

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Maggie Killick

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