How to stop “Panic Buying” for good

How to stop “Panic Buying” for good

I recently had the pleasure of meeting 3 new female clients. All are in their 40’s with impressive careers - meaning they constantly receive invitations to social events. Typical invitations include: Wimbledon, Ascot, Conference Week-ends, Cocktail Parties, to name a few. Despite wanting to attend such events, all admitted feeling a sense of dread when it came to deciding what to wear. This feeling is usually followed by a ‘panic’ shopping trip to Hobbs, L K Bennett or Joseph. Whilst I have no issue with these brands (in moderation!) shopping this way seldom results in a positive experience. Rather than loving their chosen outfits women tend to think “oh well, at least I’ve got something - it’ll do” – never a great feeling when heading off to a fabulous event. Here’s my advice to avoid this feeling and an invitation to attend an event to ensure you never ‘panic buy’ again.

  • Whilst you may need to adhere to dress codes this doesn’t mean buying outfits you don’t love or that don’t suit you. Look at your favourite item of clothing – what is it that makes it your favourite – is it length, cut, colour, shape? Bear this in mind when purchasing something new.
  • Beware of stores that want to sell you every accessory to go with your new purchase. Typically these will include a bolero cardigan, pashmina, handbag, belt and shoes. STOP! Over-matching accessories is the quickest way to ruin an outfit.
  •  Ensure the outfit you are about to purchase isn’t too ‘high maintenance’. By this I mean – will it only look good if you crash diet a week before; if you are trussed up in support underwear; if you will always need to have a fake tan before wearing it? If it does it will never be something you reach for again as it’ll never be effortless to wear.
  • If you always choose the more “corporate stores” to purchase your outfit you’ll be amongst a host of other career women doing exactly the same. Avoid looking ‘typical’ by mixing up the high-street; mixing smart with casual pieces and adding your own personality with a great accessory.
  • Ask yourself if you really need something new to wear. On occasions where I don’t feel good in anything (we all get those days don’t we?), rather than panic buying I wear the simplest outfit I own and concentrate on getting a fabulous blow dry, buying a new lipstick and wearing my favourite statement shoes. It always works for me and stops me wasting money on expensive mistakes.

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