How to pack less and stay stylish on your holidays

How to pack less and stay stylish on your holidays

Recently a lovely client of mine thanked me for making packing “so effortless”. Apparently she packed for a week’s holiday with just hand- luggage! I was so delighted – I always am when I can make someone’s life easier. I was also amazed as, despite being a stylist, I still tend to struggle when it comes to packing for holidays. However, I am getting better so I thought I’d share some practical tips and suggestions for key holiday staples you may want to consider.

Designate a drawer at home for ‘travel’
We’ve all done it – spent time running around the place finding passport, travel adapters, currency, coin purse, sunglasses etc. Keep them all in a designated drawer. It will not only save you time but you’re less likely to forget anything.

Think about colours

When packing choose pieces that are a similar colour palette. This will help you narrow down your choices rather than packing every summery piece you own! It will also ensure your holiday wardrobe will work hard for you. (eg. navy, tan and white will work beautifully together and then you can bring a couple of bold pieces to add a pop of colour against these stylish neutrals). Once you’ve made your selection, lay it all out on the bed and ask yourself: Does it all work together?

Edit your accessories
Scarves take up little space but can be a godsend. Use as a cover-up over a bikini; tied as a skirt with a simple vest top or simply to add some interest to a simple white t-shirt.

Sunglasses make every outfit just a little cooler. I usually bring two pairs (one cheaper pair) as I’m always prone to losing a pair on holiday.

Handbags - Realistically how many will you use? In my opinion – two: a beach/tote style and one other (a large clutch or cross-over bag). If you desperately need another – wait until you’re away – it’s a great opportunity to check out different shops for great alternatives.

Shoes - As someone who adores shoes I constantly struggle when it comes to editing them for my suitcase. However I’m slowly training myself to limit my shoes to 3 pairs: pretty jewelled statement flats; plimsoles (metallic or white) and tan wedges (or espadrilles).

Always use see-through cosmetic bags for toiletries
Toiletry bags with see-through compartments are brilliant for organising your essentials. They tend to be lightweight and you can check quickly to see if you've forgotten anything.

Roll as opposed to fold
Roll every item that can be rolled as this will save room and stop creasing. If you take anything remotely tailored, turn it inside out and tuck in the sleeves and it will arrive in the best shape possible.

Year after year many of us panic buy cheap summer clothes yet there’s really no need. Here is a small selection of outfits I tend to turn to when packing my summer wardrobe. I hope they inspire you to pack less, save time and just enjoy.

The simple shirt dress

A great versatile summer dress to wear (undone) over a bikini in the day with pretty jewelled flats or in the evening with some cool tan wedges and fine jewellery.

The boyfriend jean
I often wear boyfriend jeans travelling – great for throwing on with a simple black top and plimsoles; equally cool with wedges or espidrilles and a crisp white top or silk shirt.

The floaty maxi-skirt
Nothing feels as comfortable as a floaty maxi skirt. Wear with your bikini top and knotted shirt when heading out for lunch; or a silky vest top, layered necklaces and some pretty jewelled flats – perfect.

Remember – if in doubt – leave it behind!
Happy holidays.

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