How to get organised for your most stylish season yet….

How to get organised for your most stylish season yet….

February is a busy one in the world of style: London Fashion Week is looming, high-streets are introducing Spring/Summer collections and magazines are bursting with new trends (flares, suede skirts, graphic florals and peasant tops) to name a few. In the weeks ahead I’ll update you on Spring/Summer looks that will give a nod to the various trends but will ensure you remain effortlessly stylish and grown-up rather than an extra from a 70’s movie!

However my advice now: don’t buy anything for Spring/Summer until you’ve got yourself organised. I know it’s still cold outside but trust me it’s the best time. It will give you a sense of excitement and inspiration for the season ahead.

Get some order

Set aside some time and take out all your spring/summer clothes and try everything on. If it no longer fits (your look, your shape or your taste) it’s time to say good-bye.

Be ruthless – throw things out

I know it’s a tricky one (especially on your own) but I see so many wardrobes bursting at the seams yet my client feels she has nothing to wear – it’s quite simply, overwhelming. If these are the reasons you’re holding on to items – think again:

“It’s too small but I’m going to lose weight” Don’t keep items that will be a nagging reminder you feel the need to diet
“It doesn’t really suit me – but it cost a fortune” This will just make you feel guilty for wasting money and now it’s wasting space too.
“I have 4 similar tops but keep this one just in case” In case what? You don’t need a 5th one – trust me. Make space for something fabulous.

Feel better about your mistakes : Make separate piles:

Dry cleaner/tailor Charity shop Re-selling unsure passing on

Beware of the “unsure pile” or you could end up back at square one. Pack away this pile and see if you ever remember it. When you do come across it you’ll realise, you were sure after all!

Now you know what you have you’ll have a clearer idea of what’s needed to give your wardrobe versatility and a fresh feel for Spring. Remember everything in your wardrobe should suit your shape, be a great fit and make you feel fabulous – if it doesn’t, it has no place being there.

If you love the idea of this but the reality of tackling it overwhelms you check out my Re-work your Wardrobe Service. My clients have said they feel lighter, happier, more energised after this service. Now that’s the feeling you want before you begin to shop the new season.

Have a great week-end and do feel free to share this post.