How to feel more positive about your body

How to feel more positive about your body

This week’s Style Post was prompted following a meeting with an incredible woman whom I’m delighted to say is now my client. We sat down for a style consultation and she immediately said she didn’t think she would be easy to help. The reason: she didn’t have a great body to dress (she was too short, too busty and didn’t like her arms). So here’s what I reminded her and remind anyone reading this with similar negative thoughts about their body. Clothes create illusions – they can make you look taller, shorter, broader, smaller, curvier etc.

So, how do we stop feeling negative about our bodies and make dressing them a joy?

  • Don’t get hung-up on “body shapes”

Where do we begin with body-shapes:

Firstly the names: apple, pear, brick, cornet, cello etc. - don’t get me started;

Secondly – the rules eg. a pear-shape woman shouldn’t wear a pencil skirt; a petite woman shouldn’t wear culottes – it’s nonsense;

Thirdly - remember all women can create an hour-glass figure (which, incidentally, only 8% of women are born with). It is all about creating balance and proportion. Take a good look at yourself in a full length mirror – Do you need to balance out your top or bottom half? Are you in proportion? What do you want to accentuate – great waist, legs etc? Once you understand this, dressing becomes so much easier. If you have yet to master this – call me!

  • Be kind to your body

We all know we need to exercise regularly and eat well but it’s also about being kind to our body. It’s those little things we can do to make a difference: body-brushing, using a fabulous body moisturiser, beautiful serums that smell divine, booking a monthly beauty or body treatment. The kinder you are to your body, the better it will look and the more you’ll enjoy dressing it.

  • Get help to discover your style

Whilst many clients love telling people they have a stylist, others like to keep it to themselves. They feel they shouldn’t need one, they should know what suits them, what to wear and how to put outfits together. There is no shame in not knowing and there is great joy in getting help. A stylist can inspire you and help define your style and your figure, not to mention save you time and money. Having a stylist is not frivolous, it doesn’t make you self-obsessed, it is not an unthinkable luxury – for many women it just makes sense (and thank god for that)!

  • Enjoy what you wear every single day.

It’s not about being vain and self-obsessed, it is about loving how you feel in clothes and not saving them for special occasions. You never know where your day will take you – be dressed for it!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.