How to dress for a heatwave….

How to dress for a heatwave….

As I write this it’s 28 degrees and I am at my desk with widows open and a fan blowing (I love you James Dyson). I’m wearing very little (no need to see that!) and am seriously contemplating shaving my head! Blimey it’s hot and, like many women I know, I’m not great in the heat. The problem with summer dressing is it exposes areas of our bodies we may not feel confident about: upper arms, tummies, knees, legs…the list goes on. If this resonates with you, focus on the parts you do like –and if you can’t find any, you need to be kinder to yourself and look again, OR call me immediately!Before I share some of my favourite ‘heatwave’ pieces, here are just some of my style solutions to help you navigate this tricky but beautiful weather:

  • If you’re not a fan of your ankles opt for lovely long palazzo trousers and sliders;
  • If you’re self-conscious of your arms, try a linen shirt dress or wearing a bandeau-style dress that you can pull down from your shoulders;
  • If you’d rather disguise your legs, opt for maxi skirts or dresses (and yes petites can wear them);
  • If you’re keen to hide your tummy, opt for a kaftan-style dress (NB: the key is to find one that drapes rather than swamps to avoid the ‘hospital gown’ look!);
  • If you’re uncomfortable in anything waisted, opt for floppy drawstring trousers or skirts with a loose linen t-shirt or shirt (undo a few buttons for a super cool look);
  • If you're not a fan of your feet – treat yourself to a fabulous pedicure and remember the more chunky the sandal, the slimmer your feet will look;
  • If you have great legs but would rather disguise your upper-half – opt for great linen shorts and a loose cotton shirt;
  • If you have issues with underwear, these smoothing, seam-free, anti-chafe shorts are a godsend for many women in the heat
  • If you feel dresses and skirts are too see-through, try a half or full-length slip from the M&S cool comfort range – problem solved.

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Maggie Killick

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