Heading for the sales? Think beyond the summer months…

Heading for the sales? Think beyond the summer months…

The sales are in full swing which means there’s no better time to give you a little advice when hitting the stores:

To ensure your sale shopping trip is successful:

  • Be comfortable (and stylish obviously) – dress in clothing that is easy to take on and off
  • Wear good underwear that enhances your shape - it will make the world of difference
  • Wear a little make-up – you’ll be constantly seeing your reflection in the changing room!

Ask yourself the following when trying each item:

  • Does it make me feel good?
  • Does it work with my existing wardrobe?
  • Would I buy it if it was full price? If not, why not?

Here, in my opinion, are the most common reasons we waste money on sale items (guilty of any?):

  • We buy items that don’t fit - we vow to slim into them or get them altered and never do;
  • We’re more tempted by the saving than the actual item;
  • We lose our sense of style and buy “high-fashion” pieces that quickly date

I know it seems strange but I find summer sales a great time to look out for fabulous autumn/winter staples. I’m not wishing the summer away but bear this in mind - be clever in the sales – here are just a few items I have my eye on which may inspire you to think ahead.

Enjoy – feel free to share this post.